Monday, April 20, 2009

Dabberina's superhero outfit

I say a super-retro outfit. Instead of a utility belt, an apron with various pockets and loops for knives, etc.

And the serial killer idea is not bad- perhaps Dabberina is driven mad by an overabundance of processed foods, and goes on some kind of rampage...

Ooh! Ooh! Driven mad by the public's increasing reliance on eating out instead of cooking for themselves, Dabberina renounces the cooking life and withdraws into a life of solitude. That can be the Act I finale. And then during Act II Dabberina's henchman, Pressure Cooker, has to convince her that hger skills are too valuable to waste!

And these Keebler Elves- are they the main villain, or just a side gang? Who is the BIg Cheese of the culinary criminal underworld?


  1. As the politically incorrect japanese say, "mee rikey".
    Love it all. We need to describe/locate her "fortress of solitude". A mall?
    I envisioned lots of little gangs besides the Keebler Elves. It's the only food character that came immediately to mind. Having slept, we have Captain Crunch, Count Chocula, Tony the Tiger, the Cookie Monster.
    I think the supreme evil being should be a woman, for lots of reasons (yes, some of them probably sexist, but in a good way!). Aunt Jemima, Mrs Dash, Mrs. Somebody (the fish lady),
    Can't Dabberina have her own gang, kind of like Superman's Hall of Justice gang vs the Axis of Evil?
    More, more!

  2. Also, the part being driven mad by processed food. Ronald McDonald, arch enemy

  3. Don't forget the Jolly Green Giant. Perhaps he is not so jolly underneath it all. I can envision him hurling giant pees while laughing maniacally!!!

    Mrs. Butterworth, Gorton's Fisherman - that is the only fish person except Charlie the Tuna - he always scared me!

  4. We could make it a porno . . . three guesses about the Green Giant's pea shooter

  5. No, he's talking about Mrs. Paul, the fish lady. If you cook her fish sticks long enough they become really, really hard projectiles.