Friday, May 29, 2009

More ideas for La Dabberina

Should she have some kind of magical kitchen appliance? I'm thinking a battery-powered whisk or mixer of some kind. That can blend someone's FACE. Or is that too extreme for the stage?


  1. I think some kind of egg beater thingy with which she can fly, or at least levitate. Comic book protocol dictates that if she's going to withdraw into solitude of some sort, she has to spend at least one brief scene perched on a spire of a downtown Manhattan skyscraper.

  2. And protocols must be followed, of course. Perhaps the egg beater turns into some kind of personal helicopter?

    Solitude def. must happen at some point- it won't be a musical without it. She can sing the song "As Long as He Needs Wheat" while up there. It can be the big Act I closer ballad.