Friday, April 10, 2009

Lyrics to Dabberina

I have dreamed you so long
Never seen you or touched you
But read all your recipe books.
Here a whisk, there a stir
You have guided my hand down the
Path that my food career took.

Dabberina . . . Dabberina . . .
I see Michelin stars when I see you, Dabberina
And your name is like a prayer
A sous chef whispers . . .
Dabberina . . . Dabberina!

If I reach out to you,
Will you help fix this terrible
Slop that my chef calls his stew.
What it needs, I don’t know
Only that it will take someone
Special, that someone is you.

Dabberina . . . Dabberina . . ..
We beseech you, beg you
Plead you, Dabberina


  1. So beautiful.... I weep with joy.... Heartbreakingly lovely!

  2. It is one of my favorite show tunes (the original, not my bastardization) of all time. I almost felt guilty doing it (key word, almost)