Monday, April 6, 2009


Here's the deal, girls. A brief history.
One cold, dateless night in March, Abby asked me for a recipe for macaroni.
Thanks to Facebook, we got to talking and decided (jokingly) to write a recipe book,
with the clear understanding that when we were less bored we would forget the whole thing.
So, being more bored than Abby, i took the picture that she sent me of her finished macaroni, doctored it a bit (poorly) and sent it back.
Clare ran across it on Abby's Facebook page, and volunteered her services. As you know, Clare and I have a publishing history.
Not long afterwards, Jennifer (the sequel) mentioned the "project" to me. When I found out what she did for work (I'm always the last to know) I jokingly told her that when we made the cookbook into a play, she could produce it.
She shot back a query - how do you make a musical about recipes?
Well, apparently that's our latest goal. I've got some ideas, for the next post. I want to see what this fool page looks like with one post on it.

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